October 30, 2017

Help Kt Raise Money for Children’s National Medical Center

For 24 hours straight between November 3-4, Kt will be playing video games to raise money for Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC.



Kt managed to reach her initial fundraising goal within the first 48 hours of announcing her Extra Life, and is ranked within the top 10 contributors to the Children’s National Medical Center. This also places her in the top 2% of all Extra Life fundraisers!

Want to help Kt reach her stretch goal before she goes live? Kt’s willing to engage in a plethora of slightly humiliating nonsense, just for you to donate to a (tax deductible) cause! Donate to her page!

Or maybe you want to watch her play? Check out her Twitch on November 3.




October 18, 2017

Kt Co-Releases Statement on Behalf of Manhattan Young Democrats

On October 18, Kt and Floriane Borel, the co-leads for the Manhattan Young Democrats (MYD) released a statement on behalf of the Gender Equity Task Force regarding the everest of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, seen below…

As we write this statement, 38 women have come forward and accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault.

As this story unfolds, we are reminded of the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault across nearly every industry, be it Hollywood, tech, advertising, finance, or education, and that for every person who is brave enough to come forward about their experience, there are countless others whose stories we may never hear. We applaud the women who have spoken publicly about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault for their bravery, and we stand with those who may still struggle finding their voice and seeking help.

We must no longer tolerate silence or complacency, especially when faced with narratives that seek to undermine the alleged victim and downplay the responsibility of the perpetrator.

KT & Floriane
Co-Chairs, Gender Equity Taskforce
Manhattan Young Democrats

Read the full statement here.





October 11, 2017

KTAQU Interviewed as a Desoladies Featured Member!

Kt’s enthusiastic dedication to female gamers earned her a Featured member slot with Desoladies, a community of DOTA 2 players who foster a community for lady gamers to play in a comfortable environment. See her interview below or at Desoladies.com!

Please introduce yourself! I’m KTAQU (Kt\Atu) – I used to act professionally, but now do analyst/cyber/OSINT work for large companies. I started playing video games since Pokemon Red and built my own machines in my early teens. I started playing DOTA 2 since 2013.

What is the origin of your username? It’s an acronym of my favorite handles/nicknames. I like ’em unpronounceable.

Have you ever been to a LAN? Yes! Fun fact: In college, I set up a router specifically for Diablo 2 LANs in my dorm.

How would you describe your playstyle in Dota? P4/P5 Support. I fit into the support sterotype, which stems from my World of Warcraft Resto Shaman days (Horde. Duh.)

What was your favorite DOTA 2 moment? Definitely attending TI7 this year watching the Team Liquid v Virtus Pro match on the outside lawn. Everything was insane: the matchup, crowd, weather, even the wandering cosplayers under the jumbotron.

Who is your favorite hero? Your least favorite? Witch Doctor, Disruptor and Shadow Sham are all go-tos for me. Kotl was up there as well, but might become my least favorite with how many new wannabe offlane kotls are running around post TI7 thanks to Gh.

What is your favorite thing about Desoladies? I enjoy Desoladies’ savory games without the salt. DOTA 2 unfortunately fans flame wars, but the Desoladies community keeps everyone cool, calm and refreshed. I’m glad to be a part of it.

Do you have any other projects or groups you are affiliated with that you would like to give a shoutout to or promote? I co-created Sevencut.com, a blog focused on the cross-section between video games and critical thought. I also plan on Twitching for Extra Life – Follow me on social media to stay updated on my 24 hour-straight gaming fundraiser![edited]