Katherine | Katie | Kt

Former entertainment youngster who trains as a professional buccaneer, longtime sushi purist, and culture-focused gamer.

Katherine currently works for J.P.Morgan Chase as a cyber security analyst, specializing in open source intelligence. She investigates bad things, and that’s as far as they’ll let her say before someone investigates this site (shout-out to future-Katherine, since she’d be the one enforcing this policy.)

When she’s not selling her soul, Katherine is likely either focusing on progressing gender equity for women in the workplace, or playing video games. She launched the JPMC’s Women in Cyber initiative as a hub lead, and is the former gender equity lead for the Manhattan Young Democrats.

A graduate of American University in International Studies, Kt has always focused on technology and gaming as a hobby, usually through designing websites and building budget computers for gaming…Likely World of Warcraft (WoW)…

Her eight years of WoW wasn’t her first video game; after Pokemon Red sucked her in while on the set of Guiding Light in 1998, she branched out and found her personal niche in MMOs such as Guild Wars, The Sims Online (which yes, was a thing) and Lineage II. Kt now co-runs, a blog discussing the intersections between culture and video games. She’s covered numerous events for Sevencut, including e3 and AwesomeCon.

Her previous work as a child actress still peeks through her everyday life. Katie still actively trains her acting instrument, and is a recent graduate of the William Esper Studio’s 2-year acting program, among a plethora of other classes throughout the years.

Katherine | Katie | Kt loves fusing her passions to better understand the world we’re in.